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केन्द्रीय योग एवं प्राकृतिक चिकित्या अनुसंधान परिषद्

Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy

FAQ on Naturopathy

Q.1  What is Naturopathy?

Ans. Naturopathy is a drugless health care practice that focuses on restoring health rather than managing disease. The human body is having remarkable recuperative power to heal itself. Naturopathy primarily focuses on disease prevention rather than cure as prevention is the safe, easy and cost effective approach to health.

Q. 2 What is philosophical basis of Naturopathy?

Ans. According to naturopathy, disease is due to accumulation of toxins, suppression of acute symptoms and violation of natural laws. Health restored on elimination of toxins from the body, and by following the natural laws.

Q. 3 What is diet therapy?

Ans. In diet therapy, quality and quantity of diet is modified and regulated as per the requirements.  Diet must be provided in natural form during the treatment period. Fresh seasonal fruits, fresh green leafy vegetables and sprouts are excellent from this point of view.

Q. 4  What is fasting therapy?

Ans. Fasting is major therapeutic tool in Naturopathy. In this, all solid foods are stopped and supplemented by liquids such as fruit juices, vegetable soups, herbal drinks etc

Q. 5  What is mud therapy?

Ans.  Mud is one of the great five elements in nature.  The mud before used is sterilised in sun rays. It dilutes and absorbs the toxic substances of body and ultimately eliminates them from body. Mud packs and mud bath are main forms of this treatment.

Q. 6 What is hydro therapy?

Ans.  Water is other great element used as an ancient method of treatment. Steam bath, Hipbath, Hot and cold fomentation, Hot foot bath, Spinal bath, Immersion bath are some of the methods of treatment in Hydrotherapy. Water baths opens up all pores of the skin, instills lightness and smartness to the body, all systems and muscles of body are activated and the blood circulation improves.